Why You Should Choose DISH in Akron OH

When it comes to satellite television in Akron, there is no better provider than DISH Network. DISH Network is the number one provider of satellite TV service in Ohio because they consistently go above and beyond for their customers. DISH not only gives you the latest equipment and technology for watching television – including lots of HD options – but also gives you low prices and reliability so that you can enjoy your satellite television each and every night. That’s what DISH is all about – giving you exactly what you want from a satellite television provider.

Akron tv subscribers statistics

According to Nielsen data, almost three out of four people watch local television news*, making it the primary way consumers receive information about what’s going on in their communities. If you’re still using an analog signal to get fuzzy newscasts from your area, it’s time to upgrade to digital cable or high definition!

Local channel lineup

NetworkAffiliateLocal Channel

Watch these channels and stay up to date on all things local by switching to cable TV. Record community news, meetings and other local programming on your DVR for later viewing!

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